How to Wear Yellow Shirts With Black Trousers?

The yellow shirt or the Turkish blue shirt, as it is known in English, is one of the first colors of the sport polo shirt worn by Polo players. It originated from the country of Turkey and is now used throughout the world as part of the standard sport polo attire. The exact origin of this popular colorized polo shirt is not known but it is assumed that the color was introduced into the Polo game during the reign of Sultan Abdulhamit II. It is said that he banned all other colors for Polo players and only allowed the blue and yellow shirts because they were so closely linked with the Turkish flag and thus, easily identified by anyone who knew how to read the Turkish lines.

The yellow shirt is a great casual outfit that can be worn for a number of occasions. They are extremely comfortable and are very light weight. Most casual outfitters like to pair it with dark grey trousers go well with the style. If you wish to dress it up with a pair of dark grey pants, a matching sweater and a chino shirt then you can pull it off.

A yellow polo shirt looks great paired with dark grey trousers. This pairing looks absolutely fantastic. The dark grey trousers go well with the light blue shirt in that the shirt invert the colors on the trousers making them look like a one piece outfit. You can also try it on with a pair of dark blue jeans. The same thing works if you pair it with black trousers. Then, pair it with a light blue blouse and you have the perfect casual outfit.

Yellow shirts are often accompanied by a pair of dark coloured trousers. For instance, a yellow shirt is complemented by a dark blue pair of trousers. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes the same color combinations will work out very well like a light blue top and black pair of trousers. If you want to create a three-colour combination, make sure you do not stray from the basic colours.

One of the best ways to wear your yellow t-shirt confidently is to ensure that you pair it with a top that has the exact same colour as your trousers. Therefore, if you are wearing a solid dark coloured top, ensure that your trousers have a similar shade or you will spoil the whole look. Apart from making a three-colour combination, you can also choose to change the colour of your top from time to time. This will help you make a bold fashion statement. You can always carry a yellow top and then change it to a light blue or a dark green depending upon the mood you wish to set.

The right combination of a yellow top and yellow trousers can give you a very casual look. It can be worn with many shades of yellow. For instance, a solid yellow top and a pair of blue trousers can give you a trendy sporty look. Similarly, a solid yellow top and a pair of black trousers can give you a smart yet informal look. If you wish to change the appearance of your yellow shirt for some special occasions, you can wear it in a variety of shades of yellow.

There are two main types of combination one can choose from: solid shades and striped shades. For instance, if you are wearing a yellow shirt with a pair of black trousers, the overall effect will be that of a black-and-white outfit. However, if you are wearing a top with deep red ties and black trousers, you will end up looking more casual.

Yellow tops and trousers go well together if you choose a patterned top. A solid colour such as black can complement any type of trousers. However, if you are wearing yellow shirts with a striped bottom and black trousers, the overall effect will be that of a checkered pattern. Black trousers with a patterned bottom can be teamed with many different shades of yellow shirts.

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