The Shirts That Ed Hardy Offers

When I was in college, one of my favorite things to buy were the Ed Hardy shirts. He had a line of clothing for a lot of different types of people and you could be anyone. For instance, if you were a sorority girl, you could buy one of his shirts and it would make you feel even more powerful. If you were a geek or a Christian, there is a shirt for that as well.

However, there are many other people who don’t belong to fraternities or to any kind of organizations. There are just many different types of people who can be associated with the world of t shirts. So, who can wear one of these shirts?

There is one specific group that you can look at if you want an ed hardy shirt. This is people who are gay. This isn’t to say that everyone who is gay wears these shirts, but they definitely do and there are some great ones out there. Some of them have quotes from bible verses on them, which is very funny because a lot of people will not take it serious because of what the bible says about gay sex.

I am a huge fan of ed hardy shirts. I have several of them. The first one that I purchased was a shirt that said, “Beware the Lord, he is the Lord of the Ring.” I wore this shirt when I went to a christening. I wasn’t going to wear it to church, but it was just something that I really liked. It wasn’t even a christening for me, I just loved the song.

The next shirt that I bought was an ed hardy tee shirt. This one said, “You never get a second try before you reject you. If I can do it, anything can be possible.” This is a good one for me because I am in a relationship already. If anything can happen, it probably will.

There are also shirts that have motivational sayings on them. I have a shirt that says, “Keep Your Cool; You Can Do it!” These are just funny shirts to wear, but some people may actually be thinking to themselves, “That’s me right; I can’t do anything right.”

If you don’t care about having your shirt made or having the words come out of a funny voice, you can always buy a plain colored ed hardy shirt and just write the quote on it. I have seen shirts that have sayings like, “I’m stupid” or “I’m an idiot.” That is my favorite.

Some people wear their shirts out to dinner occasionally. That’s a great idea. You can show everyone that you are a great fashion person by wearing your own shirt that says whatever you want to. I personally love to wear my Ed Hardy shirts to see where I go. They are fun to wear and they make me feel really good about myself.

My wife wears one of my favorite shirts. It has the original artwork done in black with white background. It has a quote from Donny Hathway that goes, “If it is not broke, don’t fix it.” It also has a saying that goes, “Don’t taze me bro, I’m comin’ straight from the oven.” That is on a shirt that says, “Chickens get scared of dogs.”

I have seen people who don’t like the ed hardy shirts to wear. Some people say that it’s over the top or silly. Well, if you are into the tattoo imagery, these shirts are perfect for you. A lot of people have them, but there are some who don’t because they think that they are too cutesy or funny.

The thing is, these shirts are meant to be worn and shown off. If you think that you are going to hide yourself behind something that others will see as silly, then you might not be the right wearer for that particular shirt. If you want to look cool and put on something that can easily be hidden, then don’t do it. If you don’t want people to think that you are lame because of what you are wearing, then go ahead and let your shirt speaks for itself.

Ed Hardy is an icon. He has made himself into a design that men and women can identify with. And now, he has a line of clothing and jewelry that is geared towards adults and teenagers. There aren’t any kids left in this world who don’t know who this guy is. So, if you are still looking for that perfect gift for that special someone, try an ed hardy shirt. They are hard to miss.

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