What to Do With a Nice Button Up Shirt

A nice button up shirt can make you look good and put a smile on your face. But it takes some time to make one. So when shopping for a shirt, first decide what shirt style would look good on you, whether it’s a sports shirt, a casual shirt or a dress shirt. Then take a little bit of fabric from an old shirt and put it into the new shirt, or buy a new shirt. Follow these steps to make a nice button up shirt

Find a good button hole – Next step is to find a good button hole to put your buttons in, it should be able to easily close and open. If the shirt is long, you might need two buttons holes. However if the short can easily be folded and worn then you can simply sew the shirt with the fabric still attached to the buttons (from the inside), no need to undo all the buttons. Be careful when sewing the fabric to ensure that the button holes aren’t showing.

Button up – Now sew the shirt together starting from the bottom button hole, this might take a little bit of work. Sew the buttons down following the pattern of the shirt, using a rotary cutter to cut out the shapes that you want. Use some spacer buttons if there are extra buttons you want to sew but not going straight to the neckline. Trim the excess fabric after you have sewed all the way around the collar and buttons. If your collar has a button hole, use a needle to punch holes and then thread the thread through to close the collar.

Collar – Now it’s time to do your collars. Starting with the top most buttons, take your marker and draw a line down the center of the collar. Using a marker or something with sharp edges, punch in the design into the collar. Remember to be careful when doing this so that the hole you create in the shirt is not visible.

Now with your sewing machine and needle, start to sew the button holes up the shirt collar giving it a finished look. When you reach the bottom button hole, make a slit and insert your clip-on button. This should give your button ups a worn out look.

Neckline – After your collar is done, it’s time to do your neckline. Start by sewing the neckline up the shirt collar making sure your button hole is visible. Trim the extra fabric before sewing the buttons on. For a real worn out look you can attach a piece of beads to the neckline.

You’re almost done! But you wouldn’t be done if your shirt wasn’t coming out the other end! To complete your outfit, you will need to add the pockets. Most button up shirts have two front pockets, if yours does not, you will need to cut an additional fabric to make them. Place your pocket over your buttons and sew them on.

Your shirt is now completed and it looks great! If you were worried about the buttons not matching your shirt, this is an easy fix! Simply take a look at your shirt and see if there is one that doesn’t tie. If there isn’t, simply cut the fabric, and re-sew the button. It will not only make your shirt look better, but it will also be more comfortable while wearing. A well-made button to truly give your outfit a classic look.

The last step is to add some accent bling. Purchase a nice belt that goes right through your pants. This will help break up your pants and make your shirt look more like a shirt than a blazer. If you are really adventurous, you can purchase a studded belt.

Finally, to complete your look, wear a bow tie. This will give your shirt a more elegant and polished look. While wearing a bow tie, ensure that your tie goes all the way up the shaft of the bow. If you do not do this, your shirt will not come out looking clean.

That’s all there is to wearing a nice button up shirt. If you have a plain shirt, all you have to do is follow the previous steps. If you want to jazz it up a bit, try adding some different fabrics, or embellishments to your shirt. This will make your shirt look unique and will make you the center of attention wherever you go.

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